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Sumsub is an AI-based solution that automates identity verification and anti-fraud, providing bank-grade KYC, KYT compliance, AML screening, and customer data storage to protect and enable regulated businesses online.
Synthesized is the all in-one DataOps platform which solves the problem of collaboration on sensitive data.
We create AI-generated microlearning videos from any text for LMS and corporate communication. This way, we allow out clients to create and auto-translate videos in minutes, not weeks. No need for film crews, studios, actors, or cameras.
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Loóna is a unique mixture of color therapy, sound ambiance, and storytelling that helps people disconnect from the world and get in the right mood for sleep.
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Worldr builds privacy, security and compliance layers for your existing communications. Our solutions for Microsoft Teams, Slack and WhatsApp allow organizations to comply with regulations and secure data, without leaving the platforms you love.
Combining expert insights and learning algorithms, Rosecut provides impartial digital investment services while keeping fees lower for investors. Rosecut’s digital solution offers client access and monitoring of their investment portfolio and financial plan anytime, anywhere.
Handl is a deep tech B2B company that's reinventing OCR, document classification and data extraction by merging deep learning algorithms with humans-in-the-loop. This way we can easily customize our document capture pipeline for any specific unsolved needs while keeping the highest level of accuracy.
Awesomic is a platform that matches your design task with the best fit designer. With Awesomic, you have 1 subscription to cover all common design requests from banners to landing pages whenever the new task comes in. We automate marketing design routines for agencies, startups, and e-commerce of all sizes. Create a task on our platform and get it done in 24 hours by our in-house team with complementary expertise. We do not match you with freelancers; instead, Awesomic takes all the hassle away.
Satis.AI is an AI powered operational platform for kitchens aimed at improving labour and process, and reducing order mistakes. Our targeted solution using Satis AI vision, forms a complete understanding of what is happening in real time, with cameras covering key kitchen stations. This is used to assist staff in real time via our next gen intelligent kitchen display systems. It delivers 25% higher speed of service, reduces mistakes in order by 40%, reduces the onboarding time by 20% and reduces labour idle time on peak hours by 10%. In the medium term, Satis.AI will transition food production from hard-to-scale, expensive-to-iterate, one size fits all manual processes, to a machine (or AI) assisted, adoptive and bespoke way of working that can enable teams to dynamically react to demand in real time.